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—— February 28, 2007 Update: Antonella Barba Gets to Stay! —— Well, even though she sucked, America voted to keep Antonella Barba on American Idol, so she’ll be around a little longer. Now she sucks twice as much. We received an email this morning from someone who prefers to remain anonymous: Here are two pictures [ ]. Feb 26, 2007 · Re: Antonella Barba from American Idol SUCKING COCK! If this is her.. she deserves to be kicked off immediately, and don't waste anytime doing it either. They kicked Frenchie Davis(African American) off the show in 2003 for having a porn video.

Antonella barba sucking 960X720 image and much more on Antonella Barba doesn't suck fat cock. Antonella Barba may have posed in front of the World War II memorial in revealing clothing, but it looks like the sex pictures AREN'T of her. An anonymous tip was given to VFTW that provided more pictures of the girl who looks like Antonella giving a blow job.

Feb 23, 2007 · Some1 just leaked out Antonella Barba’s pics that have been circling around to get her kicked off the show. Her private life is hers and hers only. She has a great personality. People should be thinking about that. And she has a GREAT voice. She didn’t pick the right song in her last performace but shes still a great singer. Antonella Barba Biography Antonella Barba didn't win American Idol. But she did win over the hearts - or, well crotches - of men around the country with her oral Author: Mischalova.