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Who We are Insights Teen Parent Services is one of the few organizations in the country devoted exclusively to the needs of parenting adolescents and their children. Each year, Insights serves more than 200 young families in their homes, schools, at our office and in the community. Since 1979, our mission has been to provide. Dec 17, 2018 · What are the key components of effective programs for teen parents in foster care? Certain programs for pregnant and parenting teens in foster care have a case management component and can be offered through either a school, community program, or hospital.

Dec 16, 2013 · 5 effective parenting programs to reduce problem behaviors in children The program helps parents set strong norms with their teen against antisocial behavior by increasing parental monitoring, reducing harsh parenting, and rewarding teens to promote family bonding. (This program was developed by Richard F. Catalano and J. David Hawkins in. Teen Parent Program Describes a free program for teen parents in collaboration with the North Seattle Family Center that supports teen parents by facilitating peer support groups, offering parenting classes/ workshops, and participation in home visiting programs. Teen parents can also access community resources to support their children. (Back.

6 Elements of Effective Parenting Programs and Strategies for Increasing Program Participation and Retention. Parenting programs in the United States are reaching millions of parents and their children annually, but as discussed in Chapters 4 and 5, only a limited number of evidence-based, high-quality trials of the effects of these programs have been carried out. Teen Parent Mentoring Program: A free program that matches any pregnant or parenting teen, ages 13-21, with an adult, female mentor. Fatherhood Programs: Offers classes for dads or dads-to-be on baby care basics as well as on-going groups for dads and their kids, ages birth to 5.